Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions

Elisabeta Stan Law Office assist and represent clients both in sale and acquisition of Real Estate Properties from negotiation and drafting of letters of intent and binding agreements, through performing due diligence and obtaining financing until closing of the transaction, we focus our energies on ensuring that our clients understand the business considerations associated with each transaction. As in all our practice areas, our attorneys offer diligent representation during every stage of a real estate transaction.

Leasing of Real Estate Properties

Elisabeta Stan Law Office assists and represents landlords in letting of their houses, offices, shops and other developments, as well as demanding tenants in the leasing of shopping centres, offices and other locations.

We also appear before national courts to protect or defend our clients` rights and interests.

Real Estate Project Development

Elisabeta Stan Law Office provides expertise to developers, private investors, investment funds who develop real estate projects from acquisitions of real estate properties up to exit points, development and financing of real estate projects,  selling of the real estate projects, infrastructure projects, as well as various regulatory matters related to the development of real estate projects, including but not limited to obtaining all zoning, environmental, construction and operating permits.

We negotiate and draft the build and design agreements, joint venture agreements, provision services agreements, promissory agreements, sale-purchase agreements.

We offer them support in relation with the public authorities trying always to find a way to make things happen as quickly as possible.

We also advise on a broad range of construction works, including industrial, residential, commercial and public.